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About Us

Rotaract Club of Singer Sri Lanka, the one and only corporate club in Sri Lanka, is inspired by Rotary International. We unite young professionals dedicated to community service and personal growth. Our mission: impact society through education, healthcare, and welfare initiatives. We value diversity, innovation, and integrity, warmly welcoming new members who share our passion for positive change. Join us to make a difference and be part of something bigger. Together, we serve, inspire, and lead, striving to create a brighter world.

Visit our Facebook Page - Rotaract Club of Singer Sri Lanka for more information.

Our Projects

Rotaract in Singer Sri Lanka conducts its operations under several Avenues, each Avenue playing a major role in directing the movement’s efforts towards key areas of focus, which facilitate the accomplishment of its objectives. Visit our Facebook Page - Rotaract Club of Singer Sri Lanka for more information.

Club Service

Focuses on fostering fellowship within a club to strengthen its membership and its capacity to accomplish its objectives.

Community Service

An avenue where tasks are undertaken that would result in the upliftment of the outer community revolving around Rotary and Rotaract.

Professional Development

Strives for the development of professional competence of individual members and the movement as a whole.

International Service

Endeavors in extending the humanitarian reach of Rotaract across borders to communities around the globe.

Public Relations

Enhances the public perception regarding Rotaract through the use of available media.

Sports And Recreational Activities

Focuses on utilizing sports and recreational activities to uplift physical and mental wellbeing as well as foster fellowship.

Regional Engagement

Enhances inter-zonal relationships and engagement of Rotaract clubs within Singer Rotaract.

Digital Communications

Incorporates the latest technological resources to enhance the impact of the Rotaract movement on the world.

Join Us

Do you want to be a part of a global movement and dedicate yourself to making the world a better place? Join with us today!

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