SINGER Easy Payment

A Dream Come True...

We are in the business of making dreams come true. That's why we introduced the easy payment scheme to the world. To help you acquire the products you've always longed for. To help you pay for them the way you can. So you can take home whatever you need within 24 hours. Visit nearest Singer Showroom to find out how we can make your dreams come true.

Easy On Your Mind...

Being the pioneer of easy payment schemes, we've had a lot of practice making ours the very best. The best in terms of understanding your needs & definitely the best in terms of flexibility to suit your individual budgets. We also provide the best monthly payment facilities to suit your purse. So visit the nearest Singer Showroom for details of how you can acquire the house hold appliances or furniture you've always wanted for your home.

More Than A Century Of Satisfied Smiles

In order to reach out to more people with our quality products. We introduced the easy payment scheme to the world many decades ago. In order to improve the quality of life of the people of our country, we introduced this great scheme to Sri Lanka. Today we are responsible for the happy smiles of over 3 million men & women who have looked to us for quality & convenience. This is indeed gratifying.

ProductOnly specified products.
Down Payment AmountDepends on the product purchased.
TermChoice of the customer.
Installment Amount
Installment can be made in equal components or Paying a large Down Payment will reduce the installment amount.
Hire Purchase facility is available at over 200 Singer outlets spread across the country.
Hire PriceVanes according to the down payment made.
Other Offers
Attractive cash discounts and gifts will be offered for early settlement of Hire Accounts.

Suraksha - Special Protection Scheme For Singer Easy Payment Customers

Ensure the safety of your Singer Easy Payment Purchases from natural disasters. You can have your products replaced or repaired FREE OF CHARGE.

Balance payment undertaken by Singer in case of inability to pay owing to death or disability.

Learn About Buying On Easy Payment Terms

Download English PDF
Download Hire Purchase Application Form PDF

  • 1. Conditions and original papers required

    1. Proof of identity – NIC, driving license or passport
    2. Age - should be above 18 years
    3. Proof of residence by submitting one of the below (last bill)
      • Electricity bill
      • Water bill
      • Land phone bill
    4. Proof of income
      Ability to provide one of the following documents
      • Pay slip
      • Business registration certificate
      • Profit and loss statement
      • Certified Income expenses statement for self employed
      • Any other
    5. Two nonrelated guarantors with repayment ability
  • 2. Benefits of easy payment

    1. Ability to own wide range of consumer durables with less financial stress
    2. Flexible initial payment (down payment)
    3. Ability to select convenient payback period
    4. Ability to select convenient date for monthly payment
    5. Early closing facility with no surcharge
    6. Earn Singer reward points with every regular payback
    7. Ability to pay installments at all Singer outlets