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Model No - SIH-S217C
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Features & Specifications:
Press Button Panel
07 Cooking Menus

Key Features of Singer Induction Cookers

  • Innovative "PIDT" Technology - Automatically switch off when no pan on the cooker

  • 90V-260V Ultra wide working voltage, feasible for unstable electricity supply

  • Pre Set Menus

  • Up to 08 Power / Temperature levels for different cooking ( 80 C - 240 C /100 W - 2000W)

  • Timer

  • Creating "Anti-Magnetic Wall" technology, magnetic radiation is 70% lower than the lowest limit of international standard.

Benefits Of Induction Cookers

1. Faster Cooking

The high efficiency of power transfer into the cooking vessel makes heating food faster on an induction cook top than other electric cook top.

2. Energy Saving (No Wasted Heat)

According to US Dept of Energy , the efficiency of energy transfer for an induction hob is 84% , against 71% for a smooth top non induction electrical unit, for an approximate 13% saving in energy for the same amount of heat transfer. Cooking with gas has an energy efficiency of about 40%.

3. Safety

Induction cookers are safer to use than conventional cookers because there are no open flames. The surface below the cooking vessel is no hotter than the vessel, only the pan generates heat.

4. No Wasted Heat

With induction cooking, energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel. Almost all energy gets transferred to the vessel. With gas or conventional electric cookers, the energy is first converted to heat and only then directed to the cooking vessel. With a lot of heat is going to waste heating up your kitchen (and you) instead of heating up your food. There are two important heat related consequences of the fact.

  • A. Cooler Kitchens

    Cooking vessel and the food itself will radiate some of their heat into the cooking area but compared to gas or other forms of electrically powered cooking , induction makes for a much cooler kitchen (recall the old saying "if you can stand the heat, get out of kitchen") and

  • B. A Cool Stove

    The stovetop itself barely gets warm except directly under the cooking vessel (and that only from such heat as the cooking vessel bottom transfers). No more burned figures, no more baked-on spills, no more danger with children.

5. Easy To Clean

Induction cookers are easy to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth, even though it may have several heating zones. Since the cooking surface is not directly heated, spilled food does not burn on the surface.

6. Instant Adjustments

Energy flow could be adjusted instantly similar to gas stoves.

7. Easy Installation

8. Healthy

It does not emit toxic gas leading to health hazards compared to LP Gas stoves gases (Visit: gascape website)
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